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BC® Powder Pain Relievers

Pain Relievers For Fast Headache and Body Pain Relief

Millions of people rely on BC® Powder Pain Relievers for effective relief of headaches, arthritis & body pains.

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#1 Sore Throat Relief Brand

Look for Chloraseptic® and its soothing lozenges, fast-acting sprays, or kids spray in cherry, wild berries or other flavors.

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Clear Eyes®

Pure Relief, Voted 2017 Product of the Year!

Winner Eye Care Category, Survey of 40,000 people by THS.

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Compound W® Wart Removal Products

Wart Removal Products

Compound W® has America's #1 pharmacist recommended line of wart removal products.

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Make Your Daily Oral Care Routine

Love your smile with Dentek™. Smile with confidence in stores near you. Clean and protect even easier with Dentek™.

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Motion Sickness Relief & Prevention

Use Dramamine® for prevention and treatment of nausea, vomiting and dizziness associated with motion sickness.

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Goody's® Powder Pain Relievers

Goody's® Powder Pain Relievers

Goody's® Powder Pain Relievers work fast, so you won't be sidelined by headaches and body pain and can take on whatever the days throw your way.

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Little Remedies® For Children & Infants

Remedies for Children & Infants

When you want safe remedies that work for babies and children, turn to Little Remedies®

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Throat Drops for Minor Throat Irritation

Luden's® Throat Drops soothe and relieve minor, everyday throat irritation. Available in many great tasting flavors.

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Yeast Infection Treatment & Vaginal Health Products

MONISTAT® relieves your yeast infection symptoms 4x faster while curing just as effectively as the leading prescription.

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Summer's Eve®

Feminine Hygiene Products

Summer's Eve® products are made specifically for your vaginal area. Visit our site and find out which product is right for you.

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Nix® Out Super Lice

Nix® Ultra Super Lice Solution is now available in a better-than-ever kit for treating heads and homes in three easy steps.

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