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Goody's® Headache Powder

Historically speaking, it all started when a Winston-Salem pharmacist, Martin "Goody" Goodman, formulated Goody’s® Headache Powders. The year was 1932, and at that time, almost every pharmacist had their own headache formula. Goody’s® became a leader in the highly competitive field thanks to the marketing genius of A.Thad Lewallen, Sr., who purchased the Goody’s® formula and trademark in 1936. As the product became known throughout the South for its legendary speed of relief, Goody’s® took the logical step of becoming one of the first non-automotive sponsors of NASCAR® in 1977. This led to Richard Petty, the undisputed "King" of NASCAR, becoming the company’s official spokesperson. Today we're just as committed to speed as ever. That's why we are proud to welcome Dale Earnhardt Jr. to the Goody's® team. Together with Richard, Dale will help us carry on our long tradition of speedy pain relief. After all, there's Richard and Dale Fast. And then, there's Goody's® fast.

Through the years, we’ve introduced Body Pain Formula, Goody’s® PM and Goody’s® Cool Orange, Goody's® Caplets and thousands of people have discovered that Goody’s® isn’t just for fast relief of headaches anymore.

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