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Compound W®

With Compound W® you can get rid of warts quickly and get your skin back to looking and feeling healthy again.

To remove warts safely and effectively, there is a Compound W® product that’s right for you. Whether you prefer to use a gel, liquid or pad, or the freezing method used by doctors, Compound W® is fast-acting, safe and proven to work at getting rid of warts.

Products Include:
• Freeze Off
• Freeze Off Plantar
• Liquid
• Gel
• Invisible Strips
• One Step Pads
• One Step Pads for Feet

Each of these products contains the maximum strength formulation for the removal of common and plantar warts. The most recent additions to the Compound W® family of wart removal products are Compound W® Freeze Off & Compound W® Freeze Off Plantar. These products are the fastest, medically proven way to get rid of common and plantar warts - without a doctor's visit!

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