A Company Built on Caring

When Dr. Charles Browne Fleet founded this company, he did so with a commitment to serving his customers as individuals. Since our founding in 1869, we’ve never forgotten our heritage as a hometown, family-run business. We remain committed to the same mission and integrity our company was founded on all those years ago, and, we’ll never forget that the reason we’re still around is our customers. We’re here to help them feel their best — and our longevity is a credit to the trust they’ve placed in us.

In 1869, Dr. Charles Browne Fleet opened a small pharmacy in Lynchburg, Virginia. His goal was to provide people with easy-to-use, innovative health and personal care products. Developing his own medicines, balms and salves in his storefront, it was Fleet who also invented one of the first laxatives — and since that time, we have continued our founder’s commitment to innovation in the health and personal care industries.

After more than 140 years in business, Fleet is now a member of the Prestige Consumer Healthcare’ family and is a leader in the health and personal care industries, earning the trust of consumers and healthcare professionals around the world.

A Healthy Outlook for the Future

Since 1869, Fleet’s success has come from adapting to a changing world with creative thinking and innovative product development. We’ve grown into a global leader with almost 100 health and personal care products. As the world keeps evolving, so will we – with unique new technologies and products that help you feel your best.

At Fleet, the future is bright and our commitment to quality and innovation has never been stronger.


Prestige Consumer Healthcare, Inc. acquired the C.B. Fleet company in January of 2017. We remain committed to the ideals and quality on which both companies were founded and look forward to better serving the needs of our customers and consumers together. For details on the acquisition, click here.